LAXPower Rapid

Product Name: LAXPower Rapid 90 Capsules

Tired of being constipated and think you might need a laxative?
Stool formation also varies with some healthy people prone to loose or soft stools while for others, larger, firmer stools are normal. With constipation there is often difficulty passing stools that have been forced to build up becoming large, dry and excessively hard in the colon. To pass these often requires effort (straining), which can damage the delicate lining of the anus causing bleeding and other problems such as haemorrhoids and diverticulitis. Incomplete evacuation or a feeling as if the bowel has not been completely emptied, is also common.
The most common factors that contribute to constipation include:
• * Insufficient dietary fibre
• * Dehydration
• * Lack of physical activity
• * Ignoring the urge to defecate when it arises
LaxPure consists of a combination of the best specially chosen herbs to support lower bowel function for a fast and effective cleanse, whilst it is also a perfect natural laxative to support a weight management program. Unlike many other constipation remedies, LaxPure consists of only natural ingredients to provide pure cleansing from diet as nature intended.
The 9 special herbal ingredients present in the formulation is traditionally used for their ability to promote QUICK, overnight intestinal cleansing without other harsh chemical stimulants. This well-known herbal combination is also used extensively by many Colon Hydrotherapists in combination with colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

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Agrimony 50mg
Alfalfa 50mg
Cape Aloe 50mg
Cascara Sagrada 50mg
Cayenne 50mg
Garlic 50mg
Ginger 50mg
Senna Pods 50mg
Wild Yam 50mg

Other Ingredients:

HPMC Capsule Shell.

Benefits / Uses:

• A balanced fibre diet to which provide better colon movement specially to lower bowel function.
• Works as colon cleanser.
• Maintain digestive cycle to relieve from constipation and bloating.
• Assist in cleansing and detoxifying of the digestive tract
• Helps maintain overall systemic health
• Maintain support immune health
• Support nice healthy skin texture

Direction to use:

Advise to take 1 Capsules daily 3 times per day or as per advised by nutritionist.
Do not take more than 4 capsules in a day AND not continue product longer than 60 days.
Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children.


Do not use this product if you have any kind of intestinal obstruction.
Any supplement must not be used as substitute for a varied and balance diet and a healthy lifestyle.
If pregnant, breastfeeding OR taking any other medication please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before use.
Please discontinue this product on immediate basis if any side effect occurs and consult your doctor.
Do not exceed the stated dose unless under medical supervision
Not intended to use by person under the age of 18. Keep out of sight reach of children
Store in a cool, dry place.
Always read the label before use.


This product is not suitable for those wish to remove corn OR maize form their diet.
This product is manufactured in the site that also handles allergy based materials such as nuts, seeds, milk, egg, cereals, soya, mustard, celery, fish, crustaceans and sulphites.
Allergy Advice: contains pepper which is a member of the deadly nightshade family and coconut.

Free From:

Excipients, Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, added Sugar, Artificial Colourings or Yeast.

Pack Size

90 Capsules


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